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strategy first

Before we determine where to go, we must first understand where we are. All of our clients without clearly defined brand strategy and design guidelines are paired with one of our brand strategists. In our eight hour strategy session we meet with key members of your team, working together to create a brand strategy and design document. These guidelines cover everything from brand positioning and voice, to ideal customers and creative styles. Utilizing these documents we can quickly execute on any creative and marketing efforts in a way that truly fits the brand while keeping costs down.

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step two

With the strategy clearly defined, we will usually find multiple areas that need improvement or optimization. Although in the end we work through all of these areas, we start in the places our efforts will make the largest impact. This keeps the work manageable for both companies and allows the business to grow sustainably -delivering the best results possible.

planing & execution

step three

While our team is executing your plan, we will be sure to stay in regular contact. We will keep you informed on what we are doing, and what we will be doing next. Although the contact schedule is different for each customer based on their needs and level of involvement, we aim to report to each client at least once per week.

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